The German Spitz (Mittel)

The German Spitz Mittel is a lively, alert, bouncy, independent, devoted and watchful dog. They are a happy dog that can laugh and smile at you and very devoted to their family.

  • While they are willing to wait patiently alone for a few hours, they crave human company.
  • This is not a breed that can be left ignored in a yard. They love mental stimulation and to be involved in your life.
  • They are companion dogs, who love cuddles and kisses.
  • The breed needs moderate exercise and love to run free in a safe area.
  • They will often demand your attention by jumping up and down and walking on their hind legs.
  • They can also be stubborn and strong willed and don’t always come when called but are easily trained and taught to be obedient.
  • They will alert you of the approach of a stranger.
  • They love to play and romp with children, especially older children as they are quite fragile for very young children.
  • Their coats are very easy to look after with a good brushing and combing weekly.
  • They can shed hair, but being a small dog this is not excessive and easily kept under control with grooming.
  • The German Spitz Mittel come in a variety of colours.