About Us

Glenda & Graeme Savage

We are registered breeders dedicated to breeding and showing dogs for over 38 years, both in Australia and NZ.

We are located South of Timaru on an acreage set up for the purpose of our beloved dog family.

Our dogs are all part of the family and are pets before show dogs.

The German Spitz Mittel is a new breed for us. They are a smaller version of the Keeshond and Japanese Spitz, which we successfully bred for many years.

We breed for quality not quantity and strive to achieve the best possible results.

To achieve this with the German Spitz Mittel, as the breed was on the decline in NZ we have imported from overseas 5 Mittel’s to give us the strongest lines available within NZ. These lines were imported to go with the lines we have already with our Mittels and to give us many different lines to combine the best results possible and to better and improve the breed and put the breed back to where it deserves to be.

It saddens us to see so many back yard breeders breeding the Mittel to cross breeds this is not where the breed should be heading, as this is not the true German Spitz Mittel and not a true representation of the breed. We intend to change this by breeding genuine German Spitz Mittel’s and the best examples possible.